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          Supercharge your career with our on-line training courses!

          • Get a competitive edge over your colleagues
          • Sharpen your knowledge – Invest in yourself
          • Develop skills you will use your whole life
          • Learn from piratical?demonstration
          • Learn at your own pace and time
          • Comprehensive course content
          • Expert guidance and support
          • Printed certificate to showcase?your?skills



          The training was very inspirational and energizing and full of lots of ideas and learning from experienced staff and was fully practical oriented. I learnt a lot from the experience and insight of scientists at Arbro. ?The Instructors are very very good and knowledgeable. They shared their knowledge and experiences with us.The training materials were clear, concise and easy to comprehend. Practical training was excellent. It made sense in my real world! Mintwab Zellek

          I found the training very useful in gaining relevant information for myself and my organization. In the first place we looked into details of each analysis practically with the motivated staff, highly qualified food scientists and coordinators who managed the schedule effectively within the available time.The experience will be really helpful to select so many sophisticated instruments in our ?lab when we return to our country!?– Mesfin Mezemir Abebe


          14000 scientists could not be wrong, don't get left out!